Putin gave the order to storm Kyiv

Putin gave the order to storm Kyiv

The editor of the German magazine Bild, Julian Ropke, published an article “Putin gave the order to storm Kyiv.”

Ropke reports that despite the fact that Ukrainian forces managed to stop Russian forces in Irpin, Gostomel and Bucha, “the Russian dictator is launching a new attack on strategically important cities, including the capital, Kyiv.”

A convoy of 200 vehicles entered Gostomel. This confirms the worst fears of the people of Kiev: Putin has not yet abandoned the conquest of the city. Despite the massive losses and the complete failure of his army in the first days of the war, he is trying to move closer and closer to the metropolis.

It is doubtful that he will attempt to directly enter Kyiv. It is much more likely that he will try to establish a hard siege, capturing all the suburbs, and then starve the inhabitants and defenders of the capital.

This is confirmed by Russian attacks to the northeast of Kyiv, in the direction of Brovary and Boryspil.