Former Student of SEC Chair Gary Gensler Shares His Crypto Journey, Expresses Disappointment in Recent Lawsuit

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In a recent Twitter thread, Kenny, a senior executive intern at mantanetwork, shared their remarkable journey into the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3, influenced by their interactions with prominent figures like SEC Chair Gary Gensler and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. Kenny’s story highlights the potential for collaboration and innovation between regulators and industry pioneers.

It wasn’t the report but the interaction between Mr. Gensler & Mr. Zhao. I felt an opportunity for a future of blockchain that was open to innovation from both the side of the regulator and the innovator. This was 2019.

— 🤓Kenny 🦇🔊 (🔱,🔱) (@superanonymousk) June 8, 2023

Kenny’s connection with Gensler dates back to their time as a student at MIT Sloan, where Gensler taught the CryptoFinance & Blockchain Lab. Kenny’s report on Binance Coin (BNB) caught Gensler’s attention, leading him to share the report with Changpeng Zhao himself. This experience sparked Kenny’s deeper involvement in the crypto space and their belief in a future where regulators and innovators could work together to shape the blockchain industry.

Despite initially not foreseeing a focus on Web3, Kenny found themselves immersed in the world of decentralized technologies and exploring new perspectives after encountering Gensler and witnessing the unfolding of the crypto landscape. During an internship in Shanghai, Kenny collaborated with Victor Ji on a project involving decentralized ID and small businesses. They even had thoughtful conversations with Gensler, bridging the gap between different corners of the world to exchange ideas.

Kenny’s remarks on Coinbase and Binance

These encounters, along with the support and recognition from figures like Gensler and Zhao, guided Kenny on a path of building something meaningful in the Web3 space. Over the past three years, Kenny has worked alongside friends from around the world, experiencing both challenges and triumphs.

In light of recent news surrounding lawsuits involving Binance and Coinbase, Kenny expresses disappointment, seeing it as an unfortunate outcome involving figures they find inspiring. Kenny compares it to watching their parents fight, emphasizing their hope for a different outcome. While acknowledging that they lack all the information and recognizing that this is just the beginning, Kenny wishes for a resolution that acknowledges the hard work and transformative potential of the brightest minds working to change the world through blockchain technology.

Kenny’s journey exemplifies the power of mentorship, global collaboration, and the desire for a thriving crypto ecosystem that embraces innovation, regulation, and the collective efforts of passionate individuals striving to make a positive impact.

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