Ben.eth Posts Phishing Scam Tweet, Causes Followers To Lose $170k

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The constantly evolving world of cryptocurrency has once again caught the public’s attention with recent developments reported by on-chain sleuth ZachXBT. One of the most notable events was when Ben.eth quote tweeted a phishing scam that caused his followers to lose around $170k. This incident has highlighted the importance of being vigilant and cautious when dealing with cryptocurrency.

Congrats to @eth_ben who decided it was a good idea to quote tweet a phishing scam posted by the compromised @steveaoki account for clout causing his followers to lose around ~$170k


— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) May 26, 2023

Another significant development was when 26 ETH was sent to the address involved in the andy8052 SIM swap and swatting attack last month. This event highlights the need for heightened security measures in the crypto world to protect users from malicious attacks.

Ben.eth Posts Phishing Scam Tweet, Cause Followers To Lose $170k

A week ago, Coincu reported that BitBoy Crypto, a popular digital currency YouTuber had sold all his BEN token holdings, according to ScopeProtocol. He had promised his community he would lock the fan tokens for six months, but the tokens were dumped just six days after the promise was made.

Meanwhile, Lookonchain reported that two Machi Big Brother addresses spent 1,442 ETH ($2.6M) on buying 9.42M JIMBO at an average price of $0.2763, which is 14.1% of the total supply.

1/ We noticed that 2 addresses of Machi Big Brother spent a total of 1,442 $ETH ($2.6M) to buy 9.42M $JIMBO at an average price of $0.2763, 14.1% of the total supply.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 26, 2023

On May 17th, Machi Big Brother purchased 9.96M JIMBO V1 with 823 ETH ($1.5M). However, due to contract issues, Machi Big Brother sold all of JIMBO V1 for 742 ETH ($1.35M) after V2 was launched, losing 81 ETH ($152K).

It remains to be seen whether Machi Big Brother is very bullish on Jimbos Protocol or if there is a partnership, or if Machi Big Brother is one of the founders.

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